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Speaker Sharing Session 1

Closing the Loop: Converting Waste to Food

Date: 23 July 2022

Time: 1030-1200 hours


Mr Barnabas Chan, Managing Director, Bountifood

Dr. Samuel Gan, Scientific Consultant, Bountifood


Session synopsis:

A resilient food system should be one that is designed with the end in mind. We often use the best method we can find to meet a need, but without realising that it will create a new set of problems. Without having the end in mind, we could create food that damages our health, or create waste from food production that we could not handle. The world was created to have more than enough for its inhabitants. We will look at some of the issues faced by our food system and examine some innovations which could help to close the loop in our food production system.

Speaker Sharing Session 2

Tailoring Individuality - Build Your Fashion Blueprint

Date: 23 July 2022

Time: 1430-1600 hours

Speaker: Ms Kim Tham, Founder of Club Agenda and Adjunct Fashion Lecturer at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts

Session synopsis:

Our bodies come in different shapes and sizes. Skin colour also differs from person to person. In this session, you'll learn to identify your body type, skin tone and how to choose clothes that you look good in (naturally!). Armed with this knowledge, participants will be introduced to how fashion apparels are designed and crafted, and have a hand at designing a garment to suit their body type.

Workshop 1

Aerobic Composting Workshop

Date: 23 July 2022
Time: 0900 – 1030 hours
Trainer: Ms Cuifen, Food Citizen

Synopsis of Workshop:
Composting is affirmative climate action. If you wondered about making compost and worried about potential problems - this workshop is for you. Learn what compost is, how easy and rewarding it is to produce quality compost from food scraps and other organic waste around us, and why it is important to return compost to soil. Learn the art and science of creating and caring for an aerobic compost pile, and what to do when crumbly, dark chocolate-coloured compost is ready.
Bring along a small container of fresh vegetable scraps or fruit scraps for the hands-on. Every participant will receive a set of digital infocards to help you with your composting journey.


Workshop 2

Renew Earth Sweatshop: Transform Fashion Waste Workshop

Date: 23 July 2022
Time: 1100 - 1230 hours
Trainer: Ms Veronyka Lau

Synopsis of Workshop:

"A community that sews together, learns together, could perhaps change and be the change together.”


Using donated fabrics, learn how to use the sewing tools and other craft methods to transform fashion waste into wearable and meaningful pieces. Bring the skills learnt and apply them to inject new life into your old clothes and wardrobe.

Workshop 2.png
Workshop 3

Thy Dreams Matter - Reuse Waste Workshop 

Date: 23 July 2022
Time: 1300 - 1400 hours
Trainer: Ms Jennifer Lim

Workshop synopsis:

When was the last time someone asked you, "What is your dream?"

In this 1 hour workshop, we will help you realise your dreams and passions and allow them to set you on the path to making them come true! You'll understand why dreaming big is vital and what you need to do to get to where you want to be. We will also be creating our very own dreamboard with recycling materials like magazines and fabric. These dreamboards will also be part of a National Day Movement of breaking the Singapore Book Of Records for the Largest Number of Dreamboards Displayed and receive a DREAM BIG SINGAPORE BEAR from us.

Workshop 4

DIY Automobile Making Workshop by Tinkermind (prizes will be awarded)

Date: 23 July 2022
Time: 1430 - 1700 hours 
Trainer: Mr Ismail (TinkerMind)

Workshop synopsis:
Experiment and build your own race car using upcycled material and race it on our special racetrack! Aim to be among the top for our different challenges to win a special prize.

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