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The exhibition will be located at the main foyer of PAssion Wave.

1. Salvage Garden
  1. Assistive Tech projects and makerspace matching makers with persons with disabilities. Outreach and call for participation for co-creation

  2. 3D printed Assistive Devices

  3. Wheelchair access mapping device prototype

  4. Open source wearable Captioning system for hearing impaired

Salvage 2.jpg
Salvage 1.jpg
Salvage 3.jpg
2. InTED

​In collaboration with Farnixtech, we showcasing the possibilities of 3D printing and how technology & sustainability can be married together for a greener future.

some highlights

  • Showcase of education-ready 3D printers

  • Showcase of Self Sufficient Planters & mini nursery kits

  • Hands-on 3D Pen activity

  • Hands-on key-tag making

3. Social Gifting

​Social Gifting would be displaying the various crafts made by our beneficiaries as well as posters to bring greater awareness to the underserved individuals in our community such as seniors in isolation, individuals with special needs and full time caregivers

Social Gifting.jpg
4. Playlogue Creations
  1. Fly-A-Way is a locally-made strategy board game about bird migration and conservation. 

  2. There will be a full set up of the board game at the booth and a promotional video playing that we had prepared for the first Impact Festival. We can also hold game sessions where participants can try playing a game of Fly-A-Way.

5. Maker Initiative
  1. Hacking cotton candy flavours by participants in a guided activity (Cotton Candy Hack)

  2. Stained glass sugar panes, made by participants in a guided activity (KacaManis)

  3. Appeal for donations to Sugar 3D Printer Project (WarnaLapis)

Screenshot 2022-07-12 at 3.22.43 PM.png
  1. GUILD: Citizen Builders | Showcasing our solar panel kits and let visitors learn to assemble them

  2. GUILD: Citizen Growers | Showcasing our urban farming systems for visitors to learn fro

  3. Floating Gardens Initiative | Showcasing our Chinampa 2.0 laser cut with Lionforge where visitors can learn to assemble

  4. CURIO: AstronautiX | Showcasing our water rockets and parachute experience where visitors can launch them

7. Ferticlay

Prototypes showing proof of concept of our alternative clay products made from unavoidable waste will be presented, along with a computer monitor, posters and various decorative and display collaterals. Visitors can touch and feel our products and explore making their own items from our clay as well.

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